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Mul-Hang Restaurant

37-4 Imhang-ro, Jeju-si, Jeju Province


Mul-Hang Restaurant is a famous restaurant specialized raw fish where local people and tourists visit. The restaurant offers grilled hairtail, spicy stingray salad, and sliced raw cero. You can also enjoy fresh sliced raw hairtail and markerel. Also, tourists visit Mul-Hang Restaurant a lot to buy salted pearl-spot chromis and salted guts of hairtail

Woojin Hangover Soup

11 Seosa-ro, Jeju-si, Jeju Province


Woojin Hangover Soup is a Korean restaurant where you can enjoy brown Jeju-style hangover soup made by simmering the grinded Jeju bracken for long time. When you order Jeju spicy beef soup(yukgaejang), hangover soup will be served in hot pot (ttukbaegi) with green onion and red pepper powder on the top. As side dish, salted and fermented squid, seasoned chives, and diced radish kimchi (kkadugi) are also served.

Gozip Fish at Jeju International Airport

30 Imhang-ro, Jeju-si, Jeju Province


You can check out numerous reviews on Gozip Fish saying ‘the best boiled rockfish in my life’ or ‘addictive boiled rockfish like drug’. You can only enjoy chewy texture of boiled rock fish at Jeju Island. At Gozip Fish, full table of boiled rockfish, grilled sea bream, abalone rice porridge, rice cooked in the iron pot, and fresh seonal side dishes are served at the price of 15,000 won!

Sibling Noodle

67 Samsung-ro, Jeju-si, Jeju Province


Sibling Noodle is a Korean restaurant specialized in noodle and it is located near the Sinsan Park which is famous for lines of meat noodle restaurants. Signature menu of Sibling Noodle is also the meat noodle which is the local dish of Jeju Island. Sibling Noodle also serves spicy noodle (Bibim-guksu) with boiled pork slices.