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Sims Hotel


This is SIMS Hotel offering blue ocean, clear sky, and beautiful views of Jeju Island during your stay

Luxurious and modern SIMS Hotel with 9 floors provides comfortable relaxation with natural view of Jeju Island and night ocean view. SIMS Hotel offers 92 comfortable rooms, restaurants where you an enjoy tastes of Jeju Island, outside lounge, and hotel banquet hall and improves the quality of your travel in Jeju Island. SIMS Hotel is a 'gallery hotel' where galleries of famous artists are displayed. SIMS Hotel put heart and soul into the smallest things to upgrade sensitivity for you. SIMS Hotel also arranged furniture used in 'The Westin Chosun Busan', the best hotel in Busan, at each room to add comfortable atmosphere, sensitivity, and luxury. SIMS Hotel is located near the airport and you can walk up the famous Sarabong Olle Route. You can also enjoy watch the cruise entering the port at night time around SIMS Hotel.